Oof, Strawberry and cream! Their deliciously coloured and variegated leaves make the Triostar one of the prettiest plants we’ve ever seen. Make sure you give this good looker an equally wonderful pot and place it pride of place in your room.


Stromanthe loves bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate some shade too. We have ours underneath a south facing window so it benefits from the constant light but does not get burnt by those direct rays! Experiment with placement in your house to find the perfect spot.


They love a good drink! Try and keep the soil moist (not damp, wet or clogged) for most of the year apart from in the winter months when it should be watered only when the top of the soil has dried out. Little and often is the way to go with most Triostars. Don't let it dry out completely and if you see any dropping leaves ease back on the drink.

As always, rain water is best!


Stromanthe loves high humidity. If yours is looking brown and crispy around the leaf edges, this means it's not humid enough so up the spritz. You can also put them in a steamy bathroom or stick the pot in a tray full of wet pebbles to keep them happy.

Another great way to keep up the humidity is to get a few more Calathea (or other humidity loving friends like Marantas or Ferns) and put them next to each other. A tropical plant super group!


You can give them a weak fertiliser every 1-2 months. Yum!


Keep an eye on your furry friends as Triostar can be mildly toxic to animals.