String of Hearts

String of Hearts

Half plant, half succulent, String of Hearts are super easy to look after. They will tolerate drought, a little overwatering and being moved around the house to find the perfect spot for them. Perfect as a hanging plant, they also do quite well if they are little pot bound too! Because they are pretty tough to kill and have beautiful heart shaped leaves they are really great as an alternative gift for your loved ones. And if all of that isn't enough, you can give them a haircut, put the cuttings in water and end up with a brand new plant! Better than a tacky card any day.


Ceropegia Woodii loves bright in-direct light but can also cope with a good dose of direct sun too. If you keep them in a shadier spot they will stay mainly green but if you give them lods of sun, they are likely to turn a sweet purple colour and they might even put out some cool as hell flowers too! We have ours by an east or north facing window for most of the year but have taken to moving it to a super bright west facing window with long hours of sun for a week or so in the summer. Gotta have them flowers! 


As it's a semi-succulent, String of Hearts store loads of water in their stems and can bounce right back from being a bit unloved. Let the soil dry out completely before watering and if you see any yellow leaves, lay off the drink until it's bone dry. Ease off the watering in the winter.

As always, rain water is best!


Yep, String of Hearts loves to be kept in a humid environment. This isn't super important though as its such a tolerant plant, it can cope with a little spritz every now and then.


You can give them a weak fertiliser every month or so in the summer. Yum!


Completely harmless to pets and children. Although we can't promise it's loooong stems won't get chewed or pulled.