Rubber Plant

Rubber Plant

If you are looking for a new green plant friend that is really easy to look after, super good looking, can get MASSIVE in a short period of time and NASA approved to purify the air (science yo!), then the Rubber plant is definitely your new tropical BFF!


Rubber Plants love bright spots that do not have indirect light, although they do well with a bit of direct sunlight in the morning. We have ours by a south facing window in the corner of the house that gets some direct sunlight for about an hour or so through venetian blinds, mid-morning. Rubber plants usually live in tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia so any prolonged direct sunlight will burn your green friends leaves.


Water enough to thoroughly wet the compost around once a week in the summer and every 2 weeks in the winter. Rubber plants hate being overwatered so allow the top inch of compost to dry out between waterings and if you see the leaves turning yellow, drooping or falling off (yikes), ease off on the drink.

As always, rain water is best!


While Rubber plants do like a humid environment, it's not a necessity and they'll do fine without a spritz. However, they love to have their leaves cleaned with a damp cloth to remove dust!


You can give them a general, all-purpose plant feed every month or so. Yum!


Definitely keep your furry friends from chewing your Rubber Plant as they are toxic to Cats and Dogs. Humans should probably not eat them either.