Moonshine Snake Plant


If you love the classic Snake Plant - here’s it’s paler, rarer and even even easier to look after cousin. Named after it’s silver-grey-green moonlike complexion, this air-cleaning wonder doesn’t need too much water and even less light. In fact, it won’t cause a fuss if you leave it in a super shady spot. Moonshine by name, Moonshine by nature.


Best grown in bright light but honestly, this faded friend will tolerate most light levels you just need to adjust the water to accommodate. A shady bathroom, a sunny south facing window or an average alcove, the snake plant will live almost anywhere.


One of the only ways you can kill Sansevieria is to overwater them. Go easy on the drink and let them dry out between waterings. Treat them like a needy cactus - dry is fine but give it a good soaking at maybe once per month.

As always, rain water is best!


Snake plants do like a little humidity but they will be perfectly happy in super dry conditions too.


You can give them a general, cactus feed every month or so in the summer. They are super low maintenance though so don't fuss if you miss a dinner.


Snake plants are mildly toxic if eaten so keep them away from four and two legged nibblers!