Monstera Deliciosa

Monstera Deliciosa

Literally meaning Delicious Monster, this rainforest celeb will take over a giant corner in your house if you let it. They look cool as hell and their super glossy green perforated leaves will really make it stand out. It needs some space though because it's a climber that starts on the rainforest floor and uses huge trees to cling and climb to monstrous heights!


Super bright, indirect light will keep your monster happy. any prolonged direct light will burn it's wonderful leaves so watch out! We have ours on the floor next to a south facing window with a little direct light coming through the blinds. A little confusing but if your Monstera starts growing towards a dark spot, this means that it's not getting enough light and is trying to climb up a tree towards the forest canopy so move it closer to a window. Yellow leaves close to the pot can mean they are a little chilly so keep your eye on the temp too.


If the csoil feels dry, gives your Monstera a delicious drink of water and soak it through. Ease off of the watering in the winter as they like to relax in the colder months.

As always, rain water is best!


Swiss Cheese plants like a humid environment and giving them a good spritz every week (and if they look a little dry) will keep it happy and help it grow new leaves! They like a pamper so you can wipe the leaves with a damp cloth as this helps to remove dust and create a shiny finish.


You can give them a balanced fertiliser feed every month or so during spring and summer. Yum!


Monster by name and monster by nature, These plants are toxic to pets and children so keep those nibblers away.