Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone Cactus

Fishbone cactus are suer simple to look after and get their name from their zig-zagged foliage. You can give them a haircut if those wavy fronds are getting a bit out of control but for maximum effect and good looks, make sure your new friend sits proud in a nice hanging pot.


As they live in forests, think of a Fishbone more as a succulent than a hardcore Cactus. They love loads of bright light but will still frazzle if sat out in the sun for too long. They do prefer a little shady so we have ours hanging in a south facing window that gets some direct light through venetian blinds for most of the day. A little shade and a little sun, perfect!


Fishbone Cactus do love a good drink but let the soil dry out just a little before you water them again. You can keep yours a little moist if you prefer, (they actually enjoy it in the summer) just keep an eye on it and ease off in the winter as those thick leaves store lots of water to keep them hydrated and they do not like soggy roots.

As always, rain water is best!


These wavy friends are native to Mexican forests so love a bit of humidity. Spritz them every week but don't go mad though as their leaves will not enjoy being overly wet.


Fishbone Cactus enjoy a super weak cactus fertiliser every month or so in the summer. Yum!


While it's not strictly toxic, it's always best to keep any eye out for spines on any cactus. Probably best to keep this up and away from 4 legged friends.