Devil's Ivy

Devil's Ivy

The perfect plant for forgetful owners, Devil's Ivy is not only beautiful but it will bounce back from neglect like a bat out of hell! Devilishly easy to look after, these vine-like plants can grow to 12 metres up a wall with a little help or trail down from a hanging macramé... plus, it also helps clean the air of pollutants!


Devil's Ivy loves it right in the sweet spot of light and dark so if you can find a spot with bright, indirect sunlight and a little (and we mean a little) shade it will be happy forever! Direct sunlight will scorch it's leaves! We've got ours in a medium lit living room, hanging in the fireplace. The devil's in the detail!


Devil's Ivy hates being overwatered and loves a bit of neglect. Let the soil dry out completely before giving it a drink. Too much and the leaves will go yellow, too little and the leaves will drop off.

As always, rain water is best!


Humidity is this plants best friend so give it a healthy spritz every week! 


You can give them a watered down, all-purpose plant feed every a few times in the summer to fill a hole. Yum!


As the name suggests, Devil's Ivy is toxic to Dogs, Cats and Children. Mildly Toxic to Adults.