Boston Fern

Boston Fern

The Boston Fern is one of our favourite plants! They are super bushy, totally safe for pets and pretty easy to look after which means they are perfect starter plants and look great in any corner of any house.

If treated right, they can get really big and perfect for hanging in a steamy, well-lit bathroom. If you're not convinced by now, they even clean the air of pollutants and harmful chemicals, converting them into delicious oxygen.

Thanks BFF! (Boston Fern Friend)


Boston Ferns love bright but indirect sunlight. We like to put ours by a north facing, frosted window that gets some direct but filtered sunlight for about an hour or so. Boston Ferns usually live on rainforest floors so any direct sunlight will burn your green friends leaves.


They love a god drink! Try and keep the soil moist (not damp, wet or clogged) for most of the year apart from in the winter months when it should be watered only when the top of the soil has dried out. As a bit of a fusspot however, too much water will make this fern pretty unhappy.

Think damp forest floor, not muddy bog. As always, rain water is best!


As they are form the rainforest, Boston Ferns love high humidity so give them a spritz with water every so often... if the leaves look way too dry, spritz away! You can also put your green friend in a steamy bathroom, stick the pot in a tray full of wet pebbles or place them above a kettle so they get a blast of steam every time you have a cuppa... wonderful!


You can give them a general, all-purpose plant feed every couple of months. Yum!


Totally safe for both pets and children... good job really as our cat is often found munching on the fronds! Cheeky!