Asparagus Fern

Asparagus Fern

Technically the Asparagus Fern is a member of the lily family. The name really comes from their new growth which looks like tiny asparagus spears. Whatever their name is, we love their feathery leaves and delicate appearance. Asparagus ferns are known to be invasive in the wild and these little divas can hide thorns in their foliage. Yowch!


The general rule with most ferns is keep them in brightly lit rooms with indirect sunlight and the Asparagus is no exception. Any direct sun will burn those delicate fronds while too much shade will cause it to turn yellow. We have ours in an alcove that doesn't get any direct sun by a south facing window. Asparagus ferns can get BIG so if yours is getting too big for it's boots, repot it in a slightly bigger pot or give it a haircut in the winter (wear gloves and mind those thorns). This actually helps in grow back bigger and bushier in the spring.


They love a good drink! Try and keep the soil moist (not damp, wet or clogged) for most of the year apart from in the winter months when it should be watered only when the top of the soil has dried out. Asparagus ferns are quite forgiving however, so they are likely to bounce back after a bit of drought. Sometimes they even reward you for it - use your judgement here.

As always, rain water is best!


Asparagus Ferns love warmth and high humidity so give them a spritz with water every so often and keep it away from any drafts. If the leaves look too dry, spritz away! You can also put your green friend in a steamy bathroom, stick the pot in a tray full of wet pebbles or place them above a kettle so they get a blast of steam every time you have a cuppa.


You can give them a general, all-purpose plant feed every month in the summer to help with growth. Yum!


Keep your Aspargus away from pets and children as they are harmful if eaten. With continued exposure, these ferns can also irritate skin and eyes with their prickly fronds.