Areca Palm

areca palm

Everyone needs a Palm in their life and Areca are one of the best choices.

Growing up to 3 metres, they are a real statement plant, possibly the easiest plants to care for indoors, totally non-toxic and are even NASA approved to purify the air! In fact, these tropical beauts are used around the world to purify office air and tackle smog problems. You go green friends!


Areca Palms thrive in both bright indirect light and shadier spots although they do not like an excessive amount of either. They are perfect for the living room and we have ours right next to the sofa, in a corner next to a south facing window that doesn't get any harmful direct rays.


They do love a good drink, especially in a warm spot! Keep your Areca Palm a little moist in the summer months but let the top of the soil dry out before watering again. Ease of in the winter as overwatering is one of the only sure fire ways to kill your green friend!

As always, rain water is best!


Areca Palms enjoy high humidity but are pretty versatile when it comes to living inside. Don't fuss too much but you can keep up the humidity wth a good spritz or sitting your pot in a tray of wet pebbles. Also, a brief spell outside in warm summer rain would go down a treat with your tropical buddy!


You can give them a liquid fertiliser in the growing season. Yum!


Totally safe for all pets and humans... although they probably don't taste very nice!