Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina

The first time we saw this plant we knew we just had to have one! A little more attractive than Amazonica, it's veiny green sibling, Zebrina has arrow shaped leaves and beautifully striped stems. 

FYI, Alocasia Zebrina will go dormant in the winter months so do not be alarmed if the leaves and stems die back to the soil - simply keep ease off on the watering and keep them in a warm place and they'll regrow good as new in the spring.


We're not going to lie, this Zebra is a fussy one. It loves a brightly lit spot but a little too much direct sunlight will burn it's leaves! We have ours in south facing window that gets a little direct light through venetian blinds... and we're keeping an eye on it.


Keep your Zebra's soil moist (not wet) at all times and make sure you use warm water as it hates having chilly feet. Too much water will turn it's rhizome based roots into mulch but don't let the soil dry out either. Little and often is deffo the best approach. Phew!

As always, rain water is best!


Rainforest floor dwellers from Southeast Asia Love a super moist and humid environment. If you have an east facing bathroom window with frosted glass and a decent amount of light everyday then you are lucky enough to have the perfect spot for your new friend!


You can give them a slow release fertiliser in the summer. Yum!


Keep your striped friend away from pets and children as they are harmful if eaten. Alocasia Zebrina will also irritate skin and eyes so wear gloves and sleeves if you ever have to get hands on.